Anyone familiar with my media habits knows that I am a podcast obsessive. I will gladly give recommendations on podcasts covering anything from business culture to everyday feminism, serial killer psychology to film buffery.

As such, I was particularly excited to take part in the Better PR Now podcast this month. This is a series dedicated to best practice and thought-leadership in PR and communications across the world. I appeared on the show talking about diversity, being yourself and creativity – all off the back of my recent blogs shared on LinkedIn.

From blog to podcast

Amy Sutton on Better PR Now
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As well as giving me the chance to get in front of the mic (where I am usually hovering shadily in the background), my first podcast also proved an important point about content and thought-leadership. I’ve often been asked what the point of LinkedIn, and its blogging platform is. My appearance on the show perfectly demonstrates the power of content and platform for building connections and opportunities in your sector.

My most popular blog by far has been ‘Kill the PR Girl‘ where I lamented the lack of diversity in the PR industry and what this means for the sector’s future.

This one blog has reaped rewards beyond giving me a chance to vent. As well as being invited to speak about the issue (and my PR consultancy, Enjoy) on the podcast, my online network has grown through the podcast being shared, linking back to my blog, back to me and my site directly. Simple huh?

From LinkedIn to IRL relationships

But this isn’t really about collecting likes and LinkedIn connections.  What we want to gain from content is real-life relationships and opportunities. And this week, I signed a client who specifically highlighted the fact that she was looking for a PR partner who was passionate, human and valued humour – and that’s what she got from the podcast.

Not everyone will agree with the points I raised in the blog and podcast but it was true to me and my values. When content is authentic and amplified you stand yourself in great stead to attract the clients, customers and partners you want.


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